This is for the teenage girls in the club where they get to choose what they want to learn! It includes floor skills and equipment, inflatable track, group balances, routine work and.. socialising with friends!


We work Floor, Vault, Beam, Bars with a mix of abilities in session. These gymnasts can enter recreational competitions or can work on group floor routines to music including balances, lifts and dance

Gymnasts work with the coaches to decide the content of these sessions


These sessions will typically include:

  • 10 minutes warm up & stretching

  • 10 minutes floor skills such as handstands, walkovers, round off & flics

  • 60 minutes equipment rotation. This will vary and include bars, vault, beam, track, trampette

  • 30 minutes group display and routine work

  • 10 minutes conditioning & cool down

Age: 13 - 17


MyGym Teenage Girls:  5:15 - 7:15pm Wednesdays


Location: Gymnasium

Wednesdays 5:15 - 7:15pm

gymnasts per session

coaches per session

120 mins
duration per session

Girls at a Gym
Balancing Beam
Gymnast on a Bar
Gymnast Upside Down