Fridays 19:30 - 20:30pm

Pay As You Go
Just Turn Up

A 1 hour pay as you go session in the gym, we cater for a small number of adult gymnasts with bespoke coaching. We train Men's and Women's artistic gymnastics including Floor, Vault, track, trampette, Beam, Rings and other kit available upon request. Open to beginners right through to squad (18+). We can teach you to somersault or even pass some BAGA Awards. It's a great way to keep fit & active. Just turn up and pay £6. Pre-paid cards are available to buy from the coaches


Our coaches will work with you and can provide physical support for moves, advice, instructions and setup & arrange equipment. We can provide break downs for moves for instance want to Handspring Vault? We'll start with squat vaults, handstands, shaping, handstand flat backs, take off & landing and supporting the complete move

This is a relaxed and social session with a mix of ability and ages, all are welcome.
We have a block insurance system with British Gymnastics to work with a number of adults so
there is no need to pre-book or register

You can complete our membership form if you would like us to hold details on you in case of emergency, or complete one when you arrive


These sessions are less structured but will typically include:

  • 10 minutes warm up and stretching

  • 10 minutes floor skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round offs

  • 40 minutes equipment. This will vary and include uneven / high bar(s), vault, balance beam, tumble track, trampette, rings, ropes, parallel bars, mushroom, pommel, flic trainer, floor space


Adults Artistic 19:30 - 20:30pm

£6.00 / session. Pay As You Go
Max. 15 participants

Pre-paid cards are available to purchase from the coaches £30 for 5 sessions, £60 for 10 sessions

Location: Gymnasium (Gym)

school map_adults.png
5 - 15

Gymnasts Per Session


Coaches Per Session

60 mins

Duration Per Session