National Grades

A National Development Plan focused on individual gymnast progression rather than club level progression. Competitions are held at county/regional level ranging from Grade 6 to 1, (1 being highest). Minimum age for grade 6 is 8 years old. Gymnasts can work at either club, regional or national grades scheme depending on individual ability. Only one grade can be taken per year, unless a re-take is required. Awards are given as fail, pass, merit or distinction and is awarded individually based on criteria. These events are usually held at a full gymnasium elsewhere in the county. 2019 county/regional Grades were held at Wiltshire School of Gymnastics in Melksham.

It's a fantastic achievement to be included and enter these competitions, gymnasts who do and come away with a result should be very proud.


We work Floor, Vault, Beam, Bars with a mix of abilities in session and an emphasis on conditioning the body to be in the best shape to perform the skills required and with finesse.

These sessions will typically include:

  • 15 minutes warm up & stretching

  • 50 minutes equipment rotation - Bar, Beam, Floor & Vault

  • 20 minutes range and conditioning

  • 5 minutes cool down

Mondays 6:15 - 7:45pm

Age: 7+ (8+ to compete)

National Grades Training:  Mondays 6:15 - 7:45pm


Location: Gymnasium

gymnasts per session

coaches per session

90 mins
duration per session

Girls at a Gym
Balancing Beam
Gymnast on a Bar
Gymnast Upside Down