Club Kit

For tracksuit tops and bottoms, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, other apparel and accessories visit
Prints and Threads at 8a Ashcroft Road, Cirencester, GL7 1QX. Website:  Telephone: 01285 640 111

These will include our club logos and designs as standard. Prints and threads are based in Cirencester and provide a shop display of Cotswold Gym Club kit with samples available to try on for size before ordering. Orders placed will be ready for collection within two weeks.

For leotards and shorts, please order directly from
The Zone   Website: Telephone: 01706 368 819

Girls Leotard in 'Red'
Code: Z103Salto

Size 24-32 £18.95
Size 34+ £20.95

Girls Shorts in 'Black'
Code: Z106B

Size 24-32 £11.95
Size 34+ £14.95

Boys Leotard in 'Red'
Code: Z119RE

Size 26-32 £16.95
Size 34+ £19.95

Boys Shorts in 'Black'
Code: Z121BShorts

Size 24-32 £13.95
Size 34+ £16.95

Prices correct as of Mar-17. Download the Club Kit Flyer for further details.

Size Guide
We Sell Chalk at £3 per block at the coffee shop
Fee Information   ^Top of page

Payments are now due monthly and available to pay via standing order from March 2017. Gymnasts should have recently received a letter for parents including our updated pay policy and standing order instruction form. If not you can download them here;

Payment Policy 2017

SO and Pay Policy
Cover Letter
Standing Order Form

What happens if I don’t pay on time?
Due to the club needing to register and insure gymnasts, your gymnast will not be able to attend gym until the fees are paid.
You’ll be reminded by the club that payment is overdue.   

If none of this prompts you to pay for the gym sessions that your child attends and payment hasn't been made within 14 days of the due date, then your child's session position will no longer be available and the club will offer the place out to the waiting list.

We require one months notice if your child is going to leave.     

Above all, please keep us informed. Letters and cheques can go astray in the post and we understand that sometimes paperwork can get lost in the pile of ‘things to sort out’. We also understand that some parents have difficulties in paying fees, please contact us if you need to discuss this in confidence.

"Making gymnastics fun for all" Club motto

Frequently Asked Questions
   ^Top of page

What should my child wear for gym?

Girls should wear leotards and boys unitards and shorts - these are available to buy. Bare feet, hair tied back and no jewellery. It is not obligatory to wear the club leotard.

Where can I get hold of kit?
Kit is ordered from The Zone or Prints and Threads, details for this can be found above.

I've got a query, who can I talk to face to face?
If you are at the club (Deer Park School), first point of contact should be our Front of house representative - Jesse Vizor. She'll be in most Saturdays next to the coffee shop, just ask. During the week, the coaches are very busy but they will be free to talk at the end of sessions.

Can I sell second-hand kit?
Yes please, we are always grateful to receive donations of second hand kit to sell. Other parents get cheaper kit and the club benefits from the proceeds - win/win!

What's the youngest age you train?
At present the youngest we currently train is school age, 5 years+ with no upper age limit.

Where do you train?
We train in the gymnasium & main hall at Deer Park School. Use the second entrance to the school (not the college/Sundial theatre entrance) and park in the allocated parking next to the hockey pitch. The gym block is directly opposite the tennis court. Go in and turn left into the atrium and you will find us. From mid September, we'll also be running 2 'Fundamentals' sessions, those will be at Watermoor C of E Primary School; Kingshill Lane, Cirencester, GL7 1HS. 

Can I watch my child do gym?
Parents are not allowed in the gym during normal sessions but we hold an annual display at Christmas and occasionally have parent watching sessions. Coaches will advise parents when these are due.

Why do you want my e-mail address?
We have over 400 members so the most efficient way of communicating with members is via e-mail. If we have to cancel a session at late notice we will only notify you by e-mail. We also keep our website up-to-date so will use this to post any notice of cancellations or changes.

Why do you want my mobile number?
We will only use your mobile number if we need to get hold of you urgently, usually during a gym session if your child is unwell or if they have injured themself. It is important that you keep us informed if any of your contact details change.

Why do we have to pay for British Gymnastics membership?
Our club is a member of British Gymnastics who provide us with insurance, training and support. It is a condition of our insurance that all our members are registered with BG. Registration runs from September to September and the club manages registration on your behalf.


What happens to my registration form?
These are kept in a secure file in the gym so that if we need to contact you, or if there is a medical emergency, we have all your details to hand. We will ask you to check your details from time to time to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information.

Why can’t I pay my fees to the coaches?
The coaches are very busy with the gymnasts before and during gym sessions and cannot be asked to look after fee payments as well! We have a clear process for fee payment, if you need any assistance please e-mail Cotswold Gymnastics Club Membership Secretary.


Why has my child’s session changed?
We try and place your child into a session which will enable them to work to their best ability. When your child joins the gym club we do not know where their abilities lie so take time to assess them, they also need time to settle into the session. We review the sessions at the end of every term and may move children around to ensure that they are benefiting from the coaching that they receive; sometimes this will mean offering more hours in the gym or simply moving them into a different session. If you’d like to discuss session moves then please arrange to talk to your child’s coach.

Finding lost property
Lost property is held at the gym, please ask Front of house or the Coffee Shop volunteers if you have lost property or have found property to hand in.


Who does what in the gym club?
Claire Marriott is the Head Coach. She is responsible for managing the coaching team of 25+ coaches and volunteers, organising training plans, allocating gymnasts to sessions and ensuring that all our gymnasts are safe in the gym. Behind the scenes we have a committee whose job is to manage our finances, organise events and displays, membership details, policy and procedures, plan for the future and more.
Club Committee

  •  Club Chair - Drew Marriott (Interim Chair)

  •  Vice Chair - Kirsty Winders

  •  Club Secretary - Jessica Marriott

  • Club Manager -  <Vacant >

  •  Welfare Officer - Charlotte Cunningham should be your first point of contact if you have any concerns regarding our treatment of your child.

  • Membership Secretary - Charlotte Cunningham who is responsible for managing the club’s members and the waiting list. She sends out the fees letters and chases payment. She also ensures that our British Gymnastics membership is up-to-date.

  •  Treasurer - Angela Vizor managing club finances and accounts.

  • Human Resources Consultant - Maddie Halsey

  • Fundraising and Grants Co-ordinatator - Emma Urqhuart

  • PR and Marketing - Dorcas Garlick

  • Health and Safety Officer - <Vacant>

  • Technology Officers -  Andy Finlayson & Drew Marriott. Running the website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

  • Committee Members -  Angela Vizor, Claire Marriott, Charlotte Cunningham, Jess Marriott, Andy Finlayson, Drew Marriott, Stuart Haragan, Mell Underhill, Jo Hawksbee,  Emma Urqhuart, Justine Savage, Kirsty Winders

  • Front of House - Jesse Vizor - she'll be in the atrium most Saturday's and your first point of contact for general queries when you're at the club.
  •  Our coffee shop is run by a group of lovely ladies who dedicate much of their time to the club. If you feel like making any cakes for Saturdays then these sell very well!

Please feel free to download these FAQs.

Portable Appliance Testing
All of our electrical equipment is frequently tested by an in house certified PAT (Portable Appliance Tester).


Welfare   ^Top of page

Charlotte Cunningham is our welfare officer. She's regularly at the club and contactable at Charlotte is contactable by mobile phone on 07879 628716. Gymnasts or parents can talk to the welfare officer in confidence if they have any concerns whether they are about the club and gymnastics or otherwise. They are a friendly impartial contact ready to listen and where required, give advice.

We are actively seeking an additional welfare officer. Contact the committee or HR if you wish to get involved or find out more.



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