Gymnastics at Home

We may have closed the gym and you're stuck at home but British Gymnastics have developed a weekly programme that you can follow!

Each Week we'll publish a series of exercises and challenges here on the website and on Facebook for you to do in your own time with a certificate for passing

National Grades Training

A session designed for 4 piece - Floor, Vault, Bars & Beam for gymnasts who want to attend an Annual Grading competition set to national standards


Gymnasts will learn to work as a team as they and coaches choreograph routines to music inlcuding lifts, tumbling, pairs balances and group work. Expect dance and gymnastics. These will then be showcased at Display events such as Gym Fusion, our Annual Christmas display and events and fetes throughout the year


A 1 hour pay as you go session in the gym, we cater for a small number of adult gymnasts with bespoke coaching. We train artistic gymnastics typically floor, vault, track, trampette, Rings and other kit available upon request. Open to beginners right through to squad (18+). We can teach you to somersault or even just pass some BAGA Awards. Just turn up and pay £6. Pre-paid cards are available to buy from the coaches

Freestyle (FreeG)

Do you know your PK roll from your Kong Vault? Your B Twist from your Scoot?! This ever popular session draws on free-running, parkour, martial arts and even break dancing. We have parkour blocks, wedges and stackable objects with expert advice and supervision for these creative sessions. It's about flips, kicks, spins.... getting through, over or under obstacles... this is a fusion of gymnastics like you've never seen. This session is available for over 9's


A pathway specifically for competitions. They train advanced moves with emphasis on tumbling and artistic apparatus for 4-piece (women's) and 6-piece (men's) including Floor, Bars, Vault, Balance Beam, Pommel and Rings. Moves may include, walkovers, multiple flics and advanced somersaults, handspring vault, free cartwheels, 3/4 giant on bars.... These gymnasts train several times a week and is our highest level available
(By invitation only)


This session is for the teenage girls in the club where they get to choose what they want to learn! It includes floor skills and equipment, inflatable track, group balances, routine work and.. socialising with friends!

Development Squad

For those on the path towards Elite and competitions, we have 2 hour sessions where gymnasts learn more advanced moves and techniques and unlock the expertise from our coaching team. We can teach you to Round off, flic, somersault and handspring. There's more equipment time and more time to perfect your floor skills, build confidence and have the opportunity to enter competitions throughout the year (By invitation only)


For Pre-school age we invite children and parents into one of two 45 minute sessions on a Saturday morning with emphasis on sights, sounds, movements and co-ordination with our soft play equipment and hand apparatus. We'll sing songs, roll and jump and balance, learning the basic skills for a fantastic start in gymnastics


Our most popular session type, typically 1 hour a week, we include games to warm up, stretching to help mobility and flexibility. Development of motor skills and co-ordination. We work floor skills such as cartwheels, handstands and combining moves. We use different kit each week - vault, ropes, trampettes, blocks, beams... Learning gymnastics with some fun!

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