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Fusing gymnastics, martial arts, parkour and free running, Freestyle gymnastics is taking the UK by storm with its limitless combinations of flips, twists and tricks. Using obstacles, trampettes, walls and floor gymnasts are free to experiment and create without strict training sessions and hours of conditioning.

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What we use

Vaults, wedges, blocks, landing mats, ropes, uneven and high bars, inflatable tumble track, trampette, DMT ......

What we do

You tell us... as coaches we're qualified to support up to twisting forward and backward somersaults. We teach palm spins and wall flips, precisions, tumbling with flics, somersaults, whips and twists, gainers, losers, B kicks, screws, corks, shants, speed/dash/kong/double kong vaults ...


6 - 7pm Friday evenings @ Cirencester Deer Park School. 9+ Years. Club Members only

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We have two UKCC Level 2 Freestyle coaches, a UKCC Level 1 Coach and two assistant coaches present at our FreeG sessions

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Wall flip

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