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Complete this form if you or your gymnast is interested in attending Display Squad Trials commending Saturday 7th November 2020 for selection in our 2021 teams. Closing date is Monday 2nd November 2020. Trials will be 50-60 minutes on Saturdays throughout Nov. £5 per trial. See Display Page for skills and a short routine we'd like you to have a go at learning beforehand

You / your gymnast must already be a member of Cotswold Gymnastics to be elligable for trial & age 7+ Open to all gymnasts including recreational and FreeG

There will be a new Display Leotard, Shorts and possibly a colour matching mask to purchase.  We are also considering a Display Team tracksuit so that when we are away, they all look very smart and part of Team Cotswold. More information for parents to download here. Please read. Thank you!

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