Board Game Challenge

Thank you to everyone who sent us their game entries in response to the Easter Game Challenge. We were so impressed with the level of work and creativity that had been put into all the entries that we decided to get British Gymnastics to choose the winner. They also selected 3 further "Highly Commended" entries. We are delighted to announce the results!...

Monty & Iden Beswick - COMPETE!

It follows 2-4 gymnasts as they train hard all year, learning new skills and competing for Skills Points as they go.

There are extra Bonus Points to be won such as Hero Bonus cards, Olympic winners in each apparatus, and Risk or Reward? Bonus cards where gymnasts may gain or lose points.

This is a fully designed board game that you can actually play

and you can download the RULES HERE

A serious amount of effort went into this one. A family project, they've created a gymnastics themed board game with a board, playing tokens, different skill cards, HERO bonus cards, scoring sheets and so much more! ...




Phoebe Underhill - Top Trumps!

It's Tops Trumps gymnastics version

32 gymnasts

scored on 5 categories

lovingly hand made. 😀


Rules are the same as normal top trumps.


Emma & Abi Cunningham - Gymnopoly

Emma and Abi Cunningham made this new board game
and it took over 4 hours!

The idea is as follows;

1) Each player starts with £8M, 4 counters and a gymnastic superstar
(7 famous names to chose from)

2) Game starts with the highest number rolled and continues clockwise

3) You must buy each square you land on unless another player owns it

4) If you land on a space already owned you must pay the other play the value shown to stay

5) if you roll an 8, pick up a chance card

6) if you roll a 7 pick up a badge card - you must collect a silver, gold and diamond card

7) Player with all 3 badges and most money wins


Charlotte Masser - GYMTASTIC!!

The aim of the game

The aim of the game is to be the first to get your counter to the gold square at the end of the course


How to play


  • First you place your counters at the start of the course. Then players take turns to roll the dice and move forward that number of spaces.

  • If you land on a green square (50/50 chance) you pick up the top green card and follow the instructions on it. 

  • If you land on a red square (gymnastics challenge) then you pick up the top red card and follow the instructions on it. 

  • If you land on a blue square then you don’t need to do anything.


Beam of DOOM!

If you land on the beam of doom square then you have to take a chance to get to the finish line easier but you could lose everything and go back to the start. 

  • If you land on this dreaded square then you have to roll four and over to get to the other side of the beam. 

  • If not you go back to the start and do it all over again! If you don’t land on this square then you carry on but on the longer route.

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