BAGA Proficiency Awards

This scheme assists in the progressive development of core skills essential in the development of your child’s gymnastics such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. They are suitable for children aged 5-11 years old and a brilliant way to motive children to progress to higher levels. There are 8 levels to complete and gymnasts must pass 7 out of 10 skills at each level to gain their badge and certificate

BAGA 8 med.JPG
BAGA 7 med.JPG
BAGA 6 med.JPG
BAGA 5 med_e.jpg

If you are able to - view or download the above BAGA sheets, starting from 8 down to 1

Important, please read the following.
Only practice moves you can safely and confidently perform. Talk to a parent, guardian or supervisor about using sensible substitute equipment and if in doubt, do not perform or practice any move or move requiring equipment you do not have. Do NOT perform a skill you can not safely perform it.

Cotswold Gymnastics, their coaches and staff WILL NOT be held responsible for any injury caused or inflicted outside of our facilities by using these templates. Your BG insurance ONLY covers gymnastics performed at Cotswold Gymnastics facilities and when training with qualified coaches.

These templates are provided by British Gymnastics as a guide.

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