British Adults Championships 2017 - Competition Report
Sunday 6th August 2017

Sunday 6th August saw Cotswold Gymnastics Club take 3 of our adult gymnasts to the 2017 British Adults Championships held at the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall near Telford. This is the premier training facility of the British Gymnastics teams and we were excited to be back with all 3 gymnasts entering and competing in 6-piece Men’s Artistic.

Jamie Martin, Richard Molland and Drew Marriott have been in training for the past few months both at our facilities at Deer Park School, Cirencester and working with the team at Swindon School of Gymnastics to prepare routines on Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, High Bar, Parallel Bars and Vault.

Richard was competing in the over 40’s novice category for the 2nd time. He increased the difficulty in his routines, successfully landed a forward somersault on floor and performed an impressive Rings routine with back somersault dismount. He came 2nd on High Bar and put in a Handspring on Vault. He showed good composure and his experience was evident. With the final scores in, a 4th place bagged and the podium just out of reach.

Jamie Martin competed in last year’s pro tumbling competition, he entered his first ever 6-piece comp in the Intermediate category which allowed him to showcase his advanced floor tumbles. He placed first on Pommel Horse, put in a solid P-Bars routine and a unique somersault half twist on Rings lining him up for 3rd Place after 3 rounds. He pulled out all the stops for vault – with a half on half off Handspring. On Floor he racked up a massive start value putting in all variations of somersault in his tumbles; full twist, side and half turn front out. Judges were harsh on his execution and that combined with a field of experienced gymnasts who have long been doing 6-piece, demoted Jamie to 5th.

Drew Marriott, our Men’s Artistic club coach entered this year off the back of Silver Medal success in a 6-piece adult’s competition at Basingstoke earlier in the summer. He’s advanced all of his routines since, is able to somersault on floor and put in the strength moves required on High Bar and Rings. The over 18’s Novice category was crowded including a contingent from the Royal Navy. Solid routines all round, no falls, no penalties or errors. Out of 10 entries, Drew matched Richard in finishing 4th, an agonising 0.2 points off 3rd.  

Exhausted from competing in all 6 rotations, Drew, Jamie and Richard said they enjoyed the day immensely with the friendly, encouraging vibe from all the gymnasts and spectators.

For a national event with gymnasts entering from all over the country from well-established and well-equipped clubs, Cotswolds hit well above its weight yet again and came tantalisingly close to taking home medals.  

We’re looking forward to having more Men’s Artistic equipment installed at Deer Park School including an adjustable set of Rings. We’re also looking to work with local clubs in the region for more Adults competitions. I’d like to thank Swindon School of Gymnastics for their continued support, mentoring and coaching expertise.

Thanks also to Head Coach Claire Marriott and coaches; Jessica Marriott and Andy Finlayson for representing the gymnasts on the day, including lifting gymnasts onto apparatus!

Reporter: Andy Finlayson

Basingstoke Gymnastics Club - Adults Competition Report
Sunday 4th June 2017

Sunday 4th June saw Cotswold take 4 of their veteran gymnasts to Basingstoke to compete in their annual Adult competition. Jessica Marriott, Drew Marriott and Tom Cocking would be competing in Artistic gymnastics and Liam Caudle competing in the Tumbling competition.

Liam was up first and after not competing for a few years kicked the day off with 2 effortless and flawless tumbles which earnt him a gold medal in the Tumbling 18+ category.

Jess competed in 3 pieces throughout the morning. Floor, bars and Vault. Her floor routine stood out from the rest of the competition and that comes from the hard work she has put into the choreography and skills. With an excellent bar and perfectly executed vault, Jess was awarded gold for the Women’s Artistic over 18’s

For Drew and Tom this was their first ever gymnastics competition and after watching Liam and Jess compete with ease, the nerves kicked in. They were in the Men’s Artistic over 16’s Beginners category with only one other competitor. After releasing all their nerves on floor, they could relax and concentrate on their Rings, Vault and High bar which they performed as though they had been competing for years. Drew brought home the silver with Tom nicely rounding off the top 3 with a Bronze medal.

A big thank you to the gymnasts, to coaches Claire and Hermione, Andy Finlayson for judging and thank you to the gathering of supporters who came along to cheer on our gymnasts.

Reporter: Tom Cocking

Download the results here

Swindon School of Gymnastics - 3 Piece Competition Reports - Girls
Sunday 26th February 2017

On the 26th of February Cotswold took 27 gymnasts to the Swindon School of Gymnastics competition, 16 of which were gymnasts who had never competed for Cotswold externally before. We took a large group of coaches, including Claire, Jess, Drew, Tom, Megan and Hermione, some of whom saw the competition through from 8am till 8:30pm! All gymnasts competed on 3 pieces of apparatus; floor, vault and trampette.

The first round saw 3 of our youngest gymnasts compete for the club for the first time. The girls started on trampette, which was a good piece to settle their nerves. Both Mia’s and Amy executed a ‘stick it’ landing on at least one of their trampettes, which was reflected in the results with Mia chamberlain taking the Bronze medal and Amy barrows taking home the silver. Next the girls took to the floor where they performed their routines with bounds of confidence and beautiful stretching, you would have never thought that this was their first time competing! Finally, we took the girls to vault where Amy gained another silver medal. Overall Amy finished 3rd overall.

We had 12 more gymnasts who had never competed before in the second round. These girls had no problem living up to their fellow gymnast’s performance in the first round. Yet again the girls engaged in the competition scene with complete certainty on all 3 pieces, in particular on the trampette where Phoebe Wells performed a secure tuck and straddle jump and won the bronze medal. Well done girls!

In round 3 we took the last of our debut gymnasts to the competition, Darcey Cutts, as well as an experienced competitor, Georgina Hiscock. Darcey was on her own in her group without the comfort of other gymnasts from her session, but this did not phase her one bit! Darcey took to the competition scene naturally and it was clear to see she enjoyed the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd. Darcey competed a wonderful floor routine which included a new skill for her, a backward walkover. The most impressive part of Darcey’s performance would have to be her vault where she chose the more difficult option, a handstand flat back vault. A special well done to Darcey! Georgina was in a tough group of gymnasts, but she stood her own and secured a strong average score across all 3 pieces. Georgina had a new floor routine to music which she executed with grace and excellent musicality.  

In the final round we took our most experienced male and female competitors. Most of the girls had new floor music and routines which they were excited and a little nervous to display. Clara Gray performed her new routine first, capturing the audience’s attention with her remarkable dance. Clara achieved 2 gold medals on vault and trampette and second overall.
Lara Oodian competed in a group of her own and again shone on floor. Lara took home a gold medal on floor, 2 bronze medals for vault and trampette and 2nd overall. Grace Conday finished her first competition for Cotswold with great success taking home 2 bronzer medals for floor and vault, a gold medal for trampette and an overall 2nd place!
The final group which consisted of Charlotte Hawksbee, Amy Vizor, Sophie Gadd, Niamh Wheeler and Laura Hallett from Cotswold, was a very large group. Amy, Charlotte and Laura all had new floor routines which they all displayed flawlessly. A special congratulations has to go to Laura Hallett who despite having to stop her routine midway and restart it due to a music malfunction, performed a near perfect routine. Sophie also showed off her bouncy, full of life routine effortlessly and Niamh had strong performance across all 3 pieces. Cotswold had a clean sweep on the podium for floor, with Charlotte Hawksbee in 3rd, Sophie Gadd in 2nd and Laura Hallett in 1st. Finally, overall Sophie took home second place and Laura a well deserved first place.

Well done Cotswold, another very successful weekend!

Reporter: Jessica Marriott


Round 1 Gymnasts
Mia Woodhouse
Mia Chamberlain (3rd on trampette)
Amy Barrows (2nd on vault and trampette, 2nd overall)

Round 2 Gymnasts
Phoebe Wells (3rd on trampette)
Ischia Howells
Isabella Lloyd
Isobel South
Isabelle Richings
Lily Pritchett
Anya Mcutcheon
Charlotte Bass
Daisy Day
Daisy Griffiths
Georgia Fisk
Erin Brown

Download the full results here

Round 3 Gymnasts

Darcey Cutts
Georgina Hiscock

Round 4 Gymnasts
Joe Gray (1st on floor, 1st on vault, 2nd on trampette, 1st overall)
Alistair Hills (1st overall)
Hayden Peck
Amy Vizor
Laura Hallett (1st on floor, 1st overall)
Charlotte Hawksbee (3rd on floor)
Niamh Wheeler
Sophie Gadd (2nd on floor, 2nd overall)
Lara Oodian (3rd on vault, 3rd on trampette, 1st on floor, 2nd overall)
Grace Conday (3rd on floor, 3rd on vault, 1st on trampette, 2nd overall)
Clara Gray (1st on vault, 1st on trampette, 2nd overall)

Swindon School of Gymnastics - 3 Piece Competition Reports - Boys
Sunday 26th February 2017

The morning session saw Zac Nicholl and Fin Morrison continue their amazing competition form with Fin winning a bronze Medal on Trampette and a silver on Vault. Zac’s trampette added another gold medal to his collection whilst also picking up a bronze medal on floor. This earnt Zac a 3rd place overall.

The afternoon session saw Joe Gray, Alasdair Hills and Hayden Peck compete. With only one opponent in his group Joe was determined to do his very best. And that he did; winning himself gold on floor and vault, with a silver medal on trampette. This made Joe triumphant over his opponent winning 1st place overall.
Having not competed for a while Alasdair had been quite nervous in the weeks leading up to the competition. Despite being in a group on his own, Alasdair still gave it everything he had into his performances and wowing the crowd with his Russian Lever in his floor routine. Of course being in a group on his own he took home 1st place in all three pieces.
Hayden is the oldest out of the boys and therefore in a higher age group. This meant competing against 16 and 17 year olds who were much bigger than himself. But Hayden isn’t one to let something like that knock his confidence and he performed excellently throughout all 3 pieces and even put in a crowd pleasing full twisting somersault. Despite not medalling he can certainly leave with his head held high.

Drew, Tom and all of the coaches would like congratulate the boys on their fantastic results.

Reporter: Drew Marriott

Download the full results here

London Gymnastics Festival 2016 - Brentwood, Essex Display Report
Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th October 2016

This weekend was a first for Cotswold’s Display Squad as we went on tour to the London Festival of Gymnastics! It has been a very busy and stressful few weeks for our display squad and all the rest of the team behind the scenes with all day practices and last minute trips to Melksham, but it was entirely worth it to travel to Brentwood for the 2 exciting performances that took place over the Saturday and Sunday.

We took 34 gymnasts to the big event which is the largest squad we have ever had! On arrival, very glittery hair and makeup was done by Angela, Jess and Hermione outside the venue. The gymnasts then had a chance to warm up their ‘nightmare’ themed routine, followed by photos and long wait in the corridor! Just before taking to the floor the Cirencester audience were given a bit of a scare when it was announced there had been a ‘crash in training’ for the Cotswold squad. One of our new members, Phoebe Loydell, had landed awkwardly in the training hall resulting in a largely swollen ankle. However, this did not stop our new member of the team for one minute, as she demonstrated admirable bravery and resilience and marched onto the floor with the rest of her squad (with a bandage as a new accessory!). The hundreds of people, lights and smoke didn’t phase the gymnasts at all and they all performed with great confidence and passion throughout the whole 6 minutes 30!
It is safe to say all the coaches felt incredibly proud of everyone, especially those who had never performed in front of such a large crowd before. Everything came together perfectly on the day!

The elated team made their way back to the premier inn where some spent the night having a well-deserved rest at the bar, whilst some of the younger members celebrated back at the Brentwood Centre at the pyjama party! A special shout out has to go to the Garlick family who all wore matching onesies!
Sunday morning, we travelled back to the Brentwood venue with all gymnasts excited to display once again. It was also Charlotte Hawksbee’s 13th birthday! Charlotte is one of the team’s original members who has always shown great commitment to all displays Cotswold does. The team lived up to expectation after Saturday afternoons stand out performance, giving the audience a scarily frightening yet exceptional show. The team then got the chance to watch the other performances, as well as pick up t shirts and hoodies from the stalls! We then started the journey home in a coach full of proud parents and delighted gymnasts.
Amazing weekend that we definitely do again next year! The team can’t wait to show the routine off once again at the Christmas Display!

Reporter: Jessica Marriott

Baskervilles  - Boys. Floor, Vault, Trampette Cup 2016 Competition Report
Saturday 8th October 2016

On the 8th October coaches Drew and Tom took 6 boys to Baskervilles Gymnastics Club in Bath to compete in a 3 piece competition.
After only a few weeks of training with the boy’s squad, and at only 6 years old, going to their first gymnastics competition was a daunting task for Zackary Nicholl and Finlay Morrison.

The boys both started on Vault with a straight jump on and off. Both did great vaults, better than they had done in warm up. Next was Trampette, arguably both boys strongest piece. Feeling determined and confident, they both performed some amazing straddle jumps, resulting in Finlay winning Gold.

Floor was the last piece for the boys and both Drew and Tom feeling extremely confident in the boys’ ability on floor, they both performed the best routine the coaches had ever seen them do. Zac’s routine earned him a Gold medal on floor.

Both gold medals earned Zac 4th overall and Finlay 5th overall. They had only been training for this competition for a few months, with Finlay only starting gymnastics this year.
A proud moment for all parents and coaches.

Next up was Joe Gray, Max Savage, Hayden Peck and Benedict Garlick. It kicked off with Hayden and Max on Trampette. With Hayden doing a full twist Straight Front somersault and Max doing a Straight front somersault. Both falling on their first attempts, it was down to their last goes and both landing them perfectly earning Max a Bronze medal and a 4th overall in the age group.

Max and Hayden also put in valiant efforts on floor and vault, resulting in Hayden winning a Bronze medal on each piece. These results meant Max finished 4th overall and Hayden in 3rd in their age group.

Next up was Joe with some difficult vault and Trampette runs. His vault was a half on-half off Handspring which was one of the more difficult vaults that was performed in his age group. Joe was the only one in the age group to be doing this vault and he executed it very well. Floor is undoubtedly Joe’s favourite piece, with some very difficult moves combined with some flexible and balance elements. With some tough competition on all 3 pieces, Joe finished 6th overall in his age group.

Benedict was in his own age group, but this didn’t stop him performing with confidence and showing some great ability. Some very good vaulting and Trampette jumps lead him onto floor where he earned himself a bronze medal, finishing him 6th overall.

Both Drew and Tom would like to congratulate all 6 boys who took part and a big thank you for the parents who travelled down to cheer on. Everyone performed to the best of their ability and coming back with 2 Gold and 4 Bronze medals was an amazing achievement.
Reporter: Tom Cocking

Zak Nicholl - Gold on Floor - 4th Overall
Fin Morrison - Gold on Trampette - 5th Overall
Benedict Garlick - Bronze on Floor - 6th Overall
Hayden Peck - Bronze on floor and Vault - 3rd Overall
Max Savage - Bronze on Trampette - 4th Overall
Joe Gray - 6th Overall

Forest of Dean - Girls 4 Piece. Floor, Vault, Uneven Bars & Balance Beam 2016 Competition Report
Sunday 2nd October 2016

We took 5 gymnasts to the competition, all competed extremely well and placed competitively within their groups.  The girls who competed were Isabella Stenson, Georgina Hiscock, Charlotte Hawksbee (2nd on floor and 1st on beam) Lara oodian (2nd on beam) and Laura Hallett (1st on bars and vault, 2nd on beam and floor) giving Laura another Gold medal county title!  Well done girls, fantastic competition.

Fromeside – Floor, Vault & Trampette Invitational 2016 Competition Report 
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2016

It’s been another very successful weekend for Cotswold at the floor, vault and trampette invitational 2016 at Fromeside! Coaches Helen, Charlotte, Claire, Jess, Drew and Liam took over 20 gymnasts and we came away with multiple gold, silver and bronze medals over the 2-day competition.

On Saturday our squad girls represented the club with confidence and professionalism. Laura Hallett, one of our most experienced competitors, came away with 3rd on floor, which was repeated by Niamh Wheeler. Charlotte Hawksbee performed with grace showing of her flexibility and was awarded 2nd on floor as well as 2nd overall! Jessica Grindle performed her floor skills effortlessly and with great technical accuracy, she placed 2nd on floor also. Lara Oodian performed her new floor routine beautifully and Amy Vizor secured a difficult pike front half twisting somersault on trampette. Sophie Gadd also stood out on trampette scoring the highest mark for Cotswold on this piece of apparatus.
Sunday followed on the success of Saturday with all of our gymnasts in the first round bringing home a medal! As this was most of the gymnasts first ever competition, the girls and boys made the team very proud. Maud Armshaw stood out on floor and took the gold medal, with Clara Gray close behind in silver. Margot Shetliffe competed her first ever flick on floor and took the bronze medal, which she repeated on trampette taking another bronze and finally secured herself second place overall! Lily-Anna Hughes executed a beautifully powerful vault, as well as Ben Gray who thrived under pressure and performed a great handspring flat back and was awarded a well-deserved bronze medal. Benedict Garlick displayed excellent consistency over all 3 apparatus and came 3rd overall and Clara Grey became the overall 2016 champion! Amber Sumpter competed in the higher age group and completed a well-controlled and composed floor routine, finishing her competition with multiple medals.

We took 6 gymnasts into round 2, the majority of whom had never competed before. Emma Prosser performed a solid trampette and proved to be a true team player throughout the session. Flora Kenning also shone on trampette with a super extended straddle jump and a “stick it” landing. Millie Sumpter executed an impressive round off flick in her first ever floor routine, followed by Ruby Humphries who demonstrated beautiful poise and extension in her stretching during her routine. Kacey Connelly flew over the vault in her explosive and very technically correct handspring flat back, grabbing herself a bronze medal. Last but not at all least, Annabel Skinner took to the floor with confidence beyond her years, performing a flawless routine which along with consistency on the other 2 pieces, ensured her a silver on floor and an overall bronze medal!
The final round of the day saw 3 of our squad boys competing against some tough competition! Although this did not phase them as they competed with passion and focus. Max Savage powered down the vault run way using his speed and strength to perform an excellent handspring. Hayden Peck took the day in his stride, smiling throughout and finishing a difficulty packed floor routine as well as difficult trampette skills. Finally, Joe Gray, an experienced all-round performer, made sure to capture the judges attention with a polished floor routine showing off his power and flexibility with style. Joe finished 2nd on all 3 apparatus and took home the all-round silver medal!
Well done to all who competed!

Reporter: Jessica Marriott

.PDF copy of the competition report available for download by clicking here

So many of our gymnasts who entered achieved high scores, personal best results, medals on individual pieces, medals and podium finishes overall. Click on the following link to view a copy of the full results ...

Annual General Meeting 2017 Minutes

Date: Friday 28th April 2017, 8:00pm
Location: Deer Park School Atrium
Present: Becki Gray, Mark Hawksbee, Jo Hawksbee, Kirsty Winders, Katie Jones, Justine Savage, Helen Taylor, Chrissie Kenning, Dorcas Garlick, Stuart Harragan, Charlotte Cunningham, Sandy Mace, Clair Mace, Angela Vizor, Melloney Underhill, Jessica Marriott, Alison Hiscock, Emma Urquhart, Andy Finlayson
Apologies: Claire Marriott, Claire Watt, Jennie Niccoll

Approve last year’s minutes
Last year’s minutes were approved by Sandy Mace and seconded by Angela Vizor


It has been a very busy year with a number of changes within the committee, Sandy stood down as chair at the last AGM after a number of years of dedicated service to the club. I stood forward as a temporary chair which was made permanent later in the year. Stuart Harragan stood down as Welfare officer and was replaced by Andy Ewing who also took on looking after the Health and safety at the club. Later on in the year Hazel Ford stood down as treasurer after ensuring that all finances were in a good position and we were delighted that Angela took on the role. Vikki continued as HR consultant although has recently resigned and is currently serving her notice period. We are delighted to have secured a HR consultant to undertake an audit of roles and responsibilities within the club and produce a report for the committee to support our future aims.
We have also had a busy year outside of the committee with successes at external competitions that Claire will mention, our first gym club tour to the London Festival, another great Christmas display and Club Championships, an increase in Club membership that Charlotte will mention and a successful year financially that Angela will mention.

Our coaching team has also expanded and many of the coaches have gained additional qualifications last year with more courses already booked for 2017. A huge thanks to our coaching team without whom there would be no gymnastics!
We have been hugely supported by our newly formed events team comprising of Emma, Jennie, Jo, Dorcas, Sally, Jill, Hannah, Claire and Chrissy who have helped to organise and coordinate additional help for the Club Champs, Presentation Evening and Xmas Display.

At Christmas a number of the committee got very excited that we may have found new premises, sadly it was not as suitable as we had hoped but the investigations into it highlighted a number of areas within the club that we need to address before our dream to move into new premises can become a reality. Part of this will be to change the legal structure of the club so that it can obtain a lease in its own right and the other part is for the club to have a clear management structure that can withstand growth and increased hours. Many people have come forward to offer support in order for this to happen and we are hopeful that this coming year will see progression in these areas. The first part as I have mentioned is for an audit of current roles and responsibilities and the creation of a new Club Manager role which will be a paid position and hopefully advertised before the summer break.

In October we held a Special General Meeting to change the constitution with regard to the number of committee member but most importantly to make the change to monthly payments. This has not been as smooth as we would have liked as we were trying to merge it with the new legal structure but monthly payments will start from June 1st and there will be a new payment policy issued to all members in May outlining the changes.

Our dream is still to have our own premises but we are keen to ensure that we go about it in the correct way. Firstly we are committed to improving our provision to existing members through better coaching via new session structures and increasing the qualifications of our coaches. This will be through increased monitoring and reporting back to parents of progress and targets through Watching Weeks and more regular badge feedback and finally more streamlined fees and admin processes with our new database.

The second step in this is to increase our membership by setting up additional sessions where we have most demand namely pre-school and FreeG. This increase in membership will not be possible without a clear management team supported by a committee or trustees and additional support such as our events team.

When these two areas are complete then our hunt for premises can begin. I am very excited to be part of this club at such an exciting time and our aim is to continue to listen to feedback from parents and gymnasts to improve our provision and ensure that we continue to make gymnastics fun for all.


2017 has been a fantastic year for our coaching, we have worked together effectively and positively to ensure we continue to offer quality fun coaching to all our gymnasts.

We continue to educate our coaches and send them on coaching courses when they are available. The coaching team has been developed over the past 12 months and we now have a strong Level 2, Level 1 and junior coaching team. In 2017 we will further develop this with 2 of our existing team attending Level 2 courses and most of the coaching team attending the BG Fundamentals course.  We have also increased our expertise in FreeG.
Our Men’s Artistic coaching is gaining strength with the boys now training on more equipment and attending more competitions.
In 2017 we would like to get the rings fitted for the boys to use.
I would like to thank all our coaching team, of which we have more than 20, for all their hard work. We will continue to work together to ensure gymnastics is ‘Fun for All!’

Competitions and Displays
We had a wonderful year competing, with success at Swindon School of Gymnastics, Fromeside, Forest of Dean and Baskervilles.  Details on the CGC website. The annual Christmas displays included some of the most ambitious routines ever thanks to all the coaches and gymnasts putting in hard work in the Autumn term to make it happen.
The Club Championships was another successful week of competitions with a huge turnout it was lovely to see our gymnasts at every level taking part. They had the opportunity to show case individually what they learnt, experience competition and have the chance to win a medal.
We have a full calendar of displays and competitions pencilled in for the coming months so will look forward to reporting some success next year.

We would like to thank our Chairperson Becki for the hard work and support she gives us throughout the year. Also, the committee along with all the volunteers.  There is so much organisation involved in the day to day running of the club along with all the events that take place. Without all the help and time they give up the club would not be as successful as it is today.
Finally thank you to all our gymnasts who are what makes CGC what it is today! Let’s look forward to what the next 12 months will bring!

Claire Marriott
Head Coach


Following the resignation of Hazel Ford in July 2016, and my subsequent appointment as Treasurer, I am pleased to present my 1st set of accounts for Cotswold Gymnastics Club, for the year ending 31st December 2016 prepared by me (although processed during the year by Hazel and myself) and currently awaiting audit.  There are no significant changes expected to the accounts.  Once final reviewed, the accounts will be presented to the committee and will be available to Club members.

2016 accounts report an excellent position at the financial year end, an increased turnover to just over £140k for the year ending Dec 16 and finishing with an excess of income over expenditure of just over £30k, with cash in hand of almost £95k. The turnover evidences the size of the Club and number of current members.

Income streams for 2016 were primarily fees, with fundraising through Coffee Shop, Christmas Display, Presentation Event and Club Competition.  In addition, a grant was received towards training.
The 100 Club, launched in 2014, raised £338 to Club funds in 2016 and continues to supply a small, but steady revenue stream.  This is an increase on the 2015 figure. The fundraising team are always thinking of ways to promote this as an increase in members would not only generate a higher monthly prize, it could provide the club with £1000 approximately per year if it was fully subscribed. This is with minimal costs associated for the club.
We also received a grant from St James Place of £500.  We have yet to spend this on training which it was intended for, but with courses booked for several coaches in 2017 this will be put towards these costs.

Cost wise, memberships and insurances increased, as would be expected with increased membership numbers.  Hall hire rates increased during the period.  The Club continued to invest in the development of the coaching team, with training costs of approximately 1.5k for the year.  2017 will see an increase in training costs as there are plans in place for a number of courses as mentioned above.
Overall coaching and admin costs increased in 2016 – this was as a result of increased coaching levels, pay increases as more coaching staff completed their qualifications and more volunteer coaches receiving some paid hours each.  At the end of 2016 there were 22 paid coaches, along with employed hr, admin and support staff.
Some new kit was purchased, and repairs were also purchased.

2016 brought changes with a new Chair but along with the role changes, came a new database, new website and fees structure.  These were only made possible by the huge number of hours donated by various people.  If the Club had paid for all this work, it would have made a large difference to the overall profit for the year.

So as we move into 2017, behind the scenes the committee continue to invest the surplus funds back into the Club, as well as build reserves for the future and make improvements to the structure of the club in order to secure its future as well as provide the facilities to grow.
There are ongoing changes in employment laws which the Club must keep abreast of, and later this year the Club must offer a pension to all employees.   There are also ongoing overheads incurred by the Club for kit maintenance, the replacement of items when needed and purchase of new equipment in order for the Gymnasts to progress.

Whilst 2017 opens in an excellent position, the Club cannot afford to become complacent and the committee continue to work together to keep the Club on a financial even keel.
A huge thank you is due to everyone involved in the Club, volunteers, committee, coaches, gymnasts and their families and friends who have all supported the Club and helped make it what it is today.
We have a fantastic and growing Events team who all donate a lot of time and effort in making all the Club Events a great success.

Angela Vizor
Prepared for the AGM Friday 28th April 2017

It was agreed that we use a local auditor as recommended by Angela Vizor.


It has been a great year for Cotswold Gymnastics Club Events.  These Events are lead and organised by a great team of people who give up many hours of their time in order to put on such successful events. It is lovely to see so many smiling Gymnast faces with medals around their necks and in turn happy parents at both the Club Championships and Presentation Evening. The feedback received after the Christmas Display is always great particularly from those new Gymnasts and Parents who haven’t experienced it before.  It always manages to have the WOW factor even when we think the Coaches can’t raise the standard any higher than the previous year, they exceed expectations every year.

Planning is well underway for the Presentation Evening later this year and the 1st meetings for the organisation of the Christmas Display will be upon us very shortly.
With all the changes in the Management team and Committee in 2016, there was not the same focus on Grant Applications as in 2015, however, the plan for 2017 is to revisit this process as it is a great way of raising funds.

Looking at the Coaching Team’s wish list of Equipment and the Coaching courses planned for 2017, hopefully if we can secure some Grant funds, it will be a great help with the costs that are anticipated during the coming year.

The Coffee shop continues to be a good way of raising funds and as it is again manned by volunteers, there are no costs involved apart from the stock.  If anyone attends with their Gymnast on a Saturday and could sit by the Coffee Shop to read their book Etc. whilst enjoying a free cuppa which is a perk of helping out,  we would be most grateful.  We could do with a few more volunteers, even if you can’t offer your time every week.
Huge thanks to all the people that help with Events and Fundraising, it couldn’t be done without you all.


Membership within the club has once again grown; in April 2016, the club had 381 active members our current active database stands at 427.  The past 12-months have seen not only continued growth but also significant change in both our session structure and also our administrative process.

The autumn term saw the introduction of a more progressive session structure, offering specific beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions for the gymnasts to allow for a clearer development path.  During this term, we also began to use a new system for our database management, fees and payment allocation; as with any new system, this was not without its challenges, however we hope that most of the teething problems have now been addressed, and that the system will enable more efficient processes and communication.

In the January term the new monthly, rather than termly fees were introduced, with this the cost of providing gymnasts with 39 sessions per year along with the club administration fee, were recalculated to be able to be covered by 12 equal monthly charges, rather than 3 termly charges.  It had been hoped that this would coincide with setting up Direct Debits/Standing Orders for all gymnasts, however as you will be aware this has unfortunately had to be delayed, but is now expected to be up and running for June 2017.

The club continue to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with the latter two seeing both the gym and the hall being used to full capacity on both days. We operate within the limitations of the availability of the gym and the hall to us from Deer Park; the club continue to look for suitable premises to move into to offer us a permanent home which would increase our ability to offer more sessions.

An audit of the waiting list was carried out during last summer which enabled us to cull quite a few entries that had had a change of mind or moved away, however the waiting list has continued to grow and currently has over 400 gymnasts hoping for a place.
Moving forward we are looking forward to the continued administrative and communicative benefits of the new database system coupled with the standing orders for payments.  We are looking at how we would be able to operate extra sessions either during the times we have Deer Park available to us or by the looking at satellite venues. Two of the areas we are very keen to expand on are our offering for FreeG and also re-introducing the much-missed pre-school sessions.

Having now been in place for 15 months, the HR role has encompassed a variety of elements and tasks over the last year;

Personal file audit
Personal file audit undertaken and areas identified and addressed where required.

Recruitment has occurred for the following positions;
2 x Set Up/Set Down Staff – Newly created positions which commenced in September 2016.
Treasurer – Replacement after the resignation of Hazel Ford in early part of Q3 of 2016
Front of House – A newly created position, which commenced at the started in January 2017, and is proving to be beneficial to staff, gymnasts and parents alike.
ASC Coaches - 3 ASC coaches commenced in January 2017
H&S – Initial recruitment activity was undertaken, however after a review of existing arrangements with H&S service provider Agility, this was put on hold for review in 2017.

An employee and volunteer Dropbox area is soon to go live. This will store key policies, procedures and documents such as the handbooks, holiday policy/forms Etc. and will ensure employees and volunteers have access to the most current documentation.

Job descriptions
Job descriptions covering the roles and responsibilities of all positions are currently in the process of being developed and this task will be ongoing over the coming year. Positions recruited for have had this task undertaken as part of the recruitment process.

Policies & processes
Some new / formalised policies and processes have been proposed within a number of areas.

Training / Investment
Investment has been made in a number of training courses. This has been for a number of courses including ASC and level 1 & level 2 coaching.

Employee and CEP database
This is in the process of being developed to ensure it fulfils its requirements and allows ease when identifying employee reviews for a number of areas including CEP renewal/update, age related salary reviews Etc. training data.

Other areas for review / development have been proposed to the committee for consideration including an annual appraisal system with supporting documentation for both appraisers and appraises, and also succession planning to allow the development of both the club and its employees / volunteers.


Well done to Boys Squad who competed at Baskervilles in Bath on Sunday 12th November. They all competed Floor, Vault and Trampette against some of the best clubs in the South West. We came away with various medals, first, second and third finishes and Terrell Green won the tuck planche contest - staying up for several minutes and out beating everybody else !!

Photos taken by coaches and parents at the Inter club competition between Norths Cotswold Gymnastics & Trampolining Academy and Cotswold Gymnastics.
Sunday 21st January 2018 @ GL1, Gloucester Leisure Centre.

Coaches Development Day..

...  Before we started the autumn term the coaching team attended a Circus skills workshop.  The workshop was led by Juan Herrera a leading teacher in Circus theatre. All of the coaches attended giving them the opportunity to relax, work together to solve problems (how do I juggle!) and have some fun. It was also a good lesson in how effective coaching engages your audience and helps them learn and have fun.

Sunday 25th February we entered the Gloucestershire Boys' Novice championships at Forest of Dean Gymnastics Centre, Coleford.

We took; Monty Dors, Terrell Green, Benedict Garlick, Alisdair Hills, Hayden Peck & Joseph Gray. Medals were awarded Gold for 1st, Silver for 2nd and Bronze for 3rd overall and ALL our gymnasts finished on the podium in the top 3 ! Superb achievement against a much larger entry of gymnasts from Forest of Dean & the Gym Centre (Cheltenham).

Thanks to Head Coach - Claire Marriott and Men's Artistic Coach - Tom Cocking for coaching and supporting the gymnasts on the day. Coach Andy Finlayson for judging and to the parents and family members who came and supported!

Download the results here

Gloucestershire Girls County Novice Championships 2018

(Results at the bottom of the report)

On Sunday 24th June we took 23 of our gymnasts to compete in the Forest of Dean and we came away with a brilliant set of medals!

The first round saw Ruby Humphries and Millie Sumpter compete in Novice 2. Although they were nervous to begin with they performed well on both floor and vault and should be proud of themselves.

The second round was where the medals started to role in with Hannah Pugh claiming the gold overall in Novice 2 for her age group, Hannah performed a lovely floor routine and a strong vault, very deserving of the gold medal. Darcey Cutts and Flora Kenning also had beautiful floor routines with Darcey coming 2nd and Flora 3rd on floor. Flora went on to win 2nd overall!

The third round saw our biggest group of gymnasts compete, and for many this was their first competition. In a tough novice 3 group Margot Shetliffe, Maizy Wyatt Thomas and Zeena Preece-Smith gave it their all. Maizy and Zeena have been working hard on their round of flic and had the confidence to put them in their floor routines so well done girls! Margot had a brilliant round placing 2nd on vault and 1st on floor giving her the novice 3 champion title.

In Novice 1 we had two groups of gymnasts where 5 out of 6 medals were claimed by Cotswold!
Anya McCutcheon, Lily Pritchett and Mya Maunder were fab on vault with Anya and Lily joint 1st and Mya 3rd. Daisy Day and Anya stood out on floor with their neat routines and coming 2nd and 3rd. This meant overall Anya and Mya took the silver and bronze medals!

In a different age group we saw our gymnasts take a clean sweep of the podium on floor, vault and overall. On the vault we had a joint 3rd for Mia Chamberlain and Yvie  Cutts, 2nd place was Amber Winders and Amy Barrows took 1st. Floor saw some lovely routines with Mia Woodhouse taking 3rd, Amy 2nd and Mia C 1st. This gave us all three medals overall with bronze to Amber, silver for Mia C and gold for Amy!

A massive well done to all of the gymnasts who took part, we hope you enjoyed it and we are proud of you all!
Thank you to all coaches and parents that were involved in making the day a huge success.

Louise Montgomery

The full results are available to download in Excel (.xls) format here ! ...

London Festival of Gymnastics 2018
Sunday 6th October 2018

Corinium & Phoenix Display Squads performing at the London Festival of Gymnastics 2018, Brentwood Centre.

Credit: Jo Martin, Monika Lowe & Hayden Peck

Gloucestershire Levels 5 - MOD FIG Championships 2018

Sunday 16th September
at Fromeside

Results for 4 Piece

Levels 5a.png
Levels 5b.png

Gloucestershire Levels 6 - Championships 2018

Sunday 14th October at Forest of Dean
Photos and Results for 4 Piece

Round 1.png
Round 2.png

Download Results

Baskervilles  - Boys. Floor, Vault, Trampette - Gymnasts in Action 2018 Competition Report
Sunday 11th November 2018

A belated WELL DONE to the Boys Squad who competed at Baskervilles (Bath) on Sunday 11th November for the annual Gymnasts in Action competition. All major clubs from the South West region entered including National level boys; number 6 & 10th best gymnasts in the country in their respective age groups. It was a long day, starting at 1pm and not concluding until gone 7pm. In both competitions we completed a huge haul of medals, podium finishes and the Over 13's Intermediate (1st place) champion - Alisdair Hills!

Daniel Haestier 2nd on floor & 3rd on vault. 5th/10 overall
Noah Stevens 3rd on floor, 3rd on trampette. 8th/17!! Overall

Monty Dors  2nd on trampette. 4th/12 overall
Zac Nicols 7th on floor and on trampette. 9th/12 overall
Fin Morrison 4th on trampette. 5th/12 overall

Theo Taylor 3rd on floor. 5th/10 overall

Joe Gray 2nd on floor, 1st on vault. 2nd/6 overall !
Alisdair Hills 1st on everything !! and Over 13's Intermediate Champion !!


Download results here...

Bethany Molland 1st on Vault and 1st on Floor

Isabella Stenson 2nd Overall

Jasmine Cooper 3rd Place

Margot Shetliffe 2nd on Floor &
Clara Gray 1st on Floor

Margot Shetliffe 3rd Overall
Clara Gray 2nd Overall

Charlotte Hawksbee 1st on Floor

Charlotte Hawksbee 1st Overall & Champion

Bethany Molland 1st Overall & Champion

Erin Brown

Download Competition Results....

Isabella Stenson 1st on Floor

Forest of Dean - Gloucestershire County Novice 2019
Sunday 23rd June 2019

Results now available to download

Forest of Dean - Gloucestershire Levels (6) 2019
Sunday 13th October 2019

Girls 4 piece competition - Uneven Bars, Floor, Vault, Balance Beam

Results now available to download


Amy Barrows

2nd on Beam, 3rd on Vault, 2nd over all)
Amber Winders (3rd on Floor)
Charlotte Masser (3rd on Floor)
Ruby Bettis
Lily Pritchett

Bella Howell (2nd on Beam, 2nd on Vault)
Jasmine Cooper (2nd on Vault)
Annabel Skinner (2nd on Beam)


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