Gymnast of the Month

Every month, the coaching team nominate one gymnast from across the whole club to be our Gymnast of the Month. It's available to any gymnast, from pre-school to adults, recreational to squad.

It can be awarded for determination, learning a new skill, being a team player or just being fun to work with in the gym! Here's our winners so far...

Evie Ann Clapton - December 2019
Always positive in the gym, lovely to coach and has worked really hard on the Christmas Display routine

Dorcas Garlick - November 2019
for trying everything! and getting involved with the Christmas Display

Erika Peters - September 2019 (pictured right)
for achieving her Handstand and Walkover. Well Done!

Eva McCutcheon
- August 2019
for working hard in the summer training and being a positive role model to the younger gymnasts

Tabatha Dann Ward - June 2019
for commitment and great ideas with the Cheer team

Jonty Parkinson -  May 2019
for being a role model in the gym and always working on improving his skills

Goldie Everett
- April 2019
for working hard and improving her gymnastics

Megan Day -  March 2019
for her front somersault and backwards walkover

Monty Dors
- March 2019
for achieving 6 circles on the mushroom

Phoebe Underhill
- February 2019
for her Round off Flic

Annabella Ashmore -  January 2019
Working hard in the gym and for getting her Cartwheel

Benedict Garlick
- January 2019
for working super hard towards Club Championships and getting Back Hip Circle on Bars

Maya Willis - December 2018
for her determination since coming back from injury. She has been working really hard, especially towards round off flic!

Phoebe Loydell
-  November 2018
overall works hard and has impressed us with the improvement in her floor work

Rory Brown
- November 2018
concentrating and working to improve his gymnastics

Martha Poad - October 2018
She always works really hard and is committed to improving her skills!

Lily Pritchett - September 2018
for working hard, neatening her skills and achieving Round Off Flic !...

Lana Flower - August 2018
for attending all Summer Training sessions, being enthusiastic and working Round off Flic !

Lara Lowe  - July 2018
for working really hard in her new group, having 100% attendance and getting her Squat on Jump to catch High Bar

Maud Armshaw - May 2018
for Determination & Skill! Learning Full Twist Straight Back Somersault with practice in the gym and at home

Millie Stenson - April 2018
for Ability! An outstanding performance in the Squad routine and Vault routine at the Springmas Display 2018

Finley Morrison - March 2018
for giving her all in Gymnastics, learning her cartwheel and for being committed and enthusiastic in cheerleading!

Theo Taylor - February 2018
for Ability! Always listens and has improved his skill set really well. Also for successful Straddle Lift to Handstand!

Molly Rose
- January 2018
for hard work! Molly works consistently hard and is very neat with her skills.

Joseph Gray
- December 2017
for teamwork & creativity! Learning and helping create multiple routines ready for the Christmas Display.

Lola Willis - November 2017
for Determination & Commitment! Lola injured her foot during training and came back wanting to learn round off flic.

Lara Oodian - October 2017
for listening to coaches feedback and performing her Handspring Vault in time for Levels competition

Erika Peters

Jonty Parkinson

Goldie Everett

Martha Poad

Lily Pritchett

Lara Lowe

Maud Armshaw
Millie Stenson
Theo Taylor
Lara Oodian

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